What is Synergy?



Synergy Efficiency Experts, where Together we create the alternatives…

Dr. Stephen Covey challenges us in his book, The Third Alternative:  Solving Life’s Most Difficult Challenges, with the question: “Are you willing to go for a solution that is better than any one of us has come up with yet?”  By working together, we are more than the sum of our parts, 1+1=3! Each individual can contribute to the solutions to the difficulties that are faced by the organization.  Alone, individuals do not have all the answers and cannot solve all the problems, but when working with others there is no bound to the solutions we can create. This is the definition of the word “Synergy”.

Our Values and Principles

Our primary desire is to make a difference in the lives of others through Servant Leadership.
We believe that:

  • individuals seek a holistic and balanced lifestyle that incorporates the 4 parts of their whole selves: Body, Mind, Heart, & Spirit.
  • individuals seek to live, learn, love, and leave a legacy in their professional and personal lives. Individuals crave engagement, satisfaction, and fulfillment through work, as well as home life.
  • customers deserve and should expect services to be provided in a punctual, confidential, compassionate, and professional manner.

What to Expect:

We provide individualized consulting services that are customized to each individual or group that we work with.  Initially, we will perform a brief phone assessment to determine your basic needs, at which time we will schedule a more complex evaluation.  Following the evaluation, we will provide you with a written summary of the evaluation and recommendations for how we can help, including proposal for service provision.  Call or email us today!