Our Chief Efficiency Officer
Marsha Cayton, MSN, RN

Marsha Cayton has experience in the healthcare field in a variety of settings, including primary care medical practices, outpatient and residential mental health facilities, home health agencies, and hospitals. Marsha also has experience as a nurse manager and in the management of a pediatric medical clinic.

Marsha has worked with individuals and groups to optimize and standardize policies and processes [including: client flow, access to care, referrals, staff hiring and training], to develop continuous quality improvement initiatives, and to optimize spaces for use by individuals and groups. Marsha is knowledgeable in LEAN methodologies and change management.

Marsha’s passion is in inspiring individuals and groups to SEE the alternatives to current processes, behaviors, and spaces. She provides an experience that informs, motivates, and encourages people through the process of transforming their systems and spaces into ones that encourage efficiency, balance and order.

Larry Cayton
Engineering Consultant

Larry Cayton has 20 years of experience in process improvement, specializing in supply chain and distribution.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University.  He was a change agent and project manager for multiple projects within a fortune 50 company, as well as an engineering manager and recruiter.

He is excited to be joining Synergy Efficiency Experts to support small businesses implement changes that will affect the viability of companies as they grow.


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