Efficiency Consulting for Professionals


Is BUSY the word you use to describe most of your days?

Are you paralyzed by your never-ending to do list, wondering how to prioritize what is next?

Are you overwhelmed by the constant demands on your time?

Are you unable to work on important projects because you are constantly fighting fires?

Do you lead multiple people, but find it difficult to manage the demands of your own busy schedule?

We utilize a specialized assessment tool to help us identify our client’s preferred working style.  With individualized one-on-one consulting, we work with our clients to build routines and practices that work for them!

We provide customized services to inspire individuals and groups to SEE the Alternatives to current processes, behaviors, and spaces.  The total experience is provided in way to inform, motivate, and encourage people through the process of transforming their spaces and systems into ones that promote efficiency, balance, and order.  

Customized assessment and consultation for professionals, targeting:

  • Organization of  work space
  • Time Management Skills, including use of digital or paper planning system
  • Prioritization and planning of work/projects
  • Development of systems to reduce paper, mental, and digital clutter
  • Development of process that make work easier and more efficient

Together we create the alternatives…