Yes you read that right!  This weekend I organized a freezer.  Not just any freezer, mind you, but a walk-in freezer at a local soup kitchen where I was volunteering on behalf of a civic organization that I am a member of.  So doing what I do, they mentioned that they needed the freezer organized.  How could I say no?  I LOVE ORGANIZING A SPACE, especially when it helps a group of people do their work easier.  So sign me up, right!

Well, I learned a few lessons from this endeavor.

  • Industrial freezers are COLD.  Not just 32 degrees cold, but 0 or colder cold.
  • I am truly a southern girl!  I didn’t know how quickly cold can turn you into a mumbling mess.
  • Don’t wear capris, thin tennis shoes and a sweatshirt in a 0 degree freezer.  Luckily, my husband went home to get me a few layers of clothes and hiking boots.
  • People in all walks of life do not believe that it takes just a few moments to put something back where it belongs. Instead, we throw items anywhere we can find a space, then never find the time to make it right later.  I invite you to take just a moment or two to find the right spot OR ask where the right spot is before just putting an item where ever you can drop it quickly.  You may also want to read last week’s blog on a similar topic!
  • We say yes to things before we really know what we are getting ourselves into.  I say we, because I see this with family, friends, and clients every day.  While this can allow for personal growth by giving us a challenge, it can also lead to resentment and irritation if we allow it to.  We can ask clarifying questions to allow us to better understand and better prepare for what is being asked of us!
  • People truly love to contribute to others.  If someone offers you assistance or support, find a way to say yes to their offer.  You are giving them the gift of being a contribution.
  • I love, love, love the immediate gratification of creating a space where people can do work they love and contribute to others.  [This I realized only after thawing out and getting brain function back again!]

So, would I do it again?  YES!  AND I will be better prepared for the endeavor the next time!