So, last week I had the brilliant idea to have my brother, who is also my webmaster, add email accounts to my Go Daddy account. Well… as a user of Office 365, my email was diverted from the Go Daddy account to Microsoft. When the new email addresses were added, that system broke, and thus ensued one week of email chaos. Oh, and did I mention I was traveling the whole week too!

I made a few discoveries as a result of this experience:

  1. I feel powerless without my email, especially since I was traveling and could not fix the issue until I returned to my office! How was I going to communicate with people? What if I missed an exciting opportunity? What would people think if I didn’t respond immediately? I literally had a few moment so panic! I took a couple of deep breaths and managed to set up the email on my phone!
  2. I get a freaking lot of emails! I’m usually shielded from this onslaught by the fabulous rules for moving emails out of my inbox into folders. Then I get to choose when I read the emails. Now however, they were all in the inbox, taking up precious mental energy because I had to determine what was important and what wasn’t! I couldn’t find emails I was looking for! The important emails were obscured by the crap!  When I finally got the email working, I really only needed about 10 of the 100 emails I had received!
  3. Outlook 365 saves me more hassle and frustration than I realized. I am able to see all of my emails on multiple devices, all the folders, search and find things easily. Without this feature I felt stalled, less efficient.
  4. I felt more generosity and compassion for people (and some of my clients) who deal with this chaos all of the time.

So, in summary, learning email management skills has been a tremendous time and energy saver for me. Call me today if you need any assistance with setting up an email management system!  You would be amazed at how freeing an empty inbox can be!

I also became aware of my attachment and reliance on technology. I am grateful for when it supports my efforts to make a difference and aware of the stress it sometimes causes me!  What do you see for yourself?  What is your relationship with email and technology?