I Love My Job
The clinical space has no wasted space and allows all of the staff to be in different phases of working up patients, without feeling crowded.  The front and back staff flow easily within the space, while patients move thru the office with no bottlenecks.  Without Marsha being involved in the project, the space would feel smaller.  I would have “cut up”  the office more for triage rooms, extra offices, etc.  The open space and flow is great.  It was very easy to work with Marsha.  She truly listened to my needs and accurately assessed the needs of the office.  Her recommendations were both practical and “doable”.  I am grateful for her input and strongly feels my office runs better due to her recommendations.
Wendy G. Talley, MD, FAAP
February 2015
Working with Marsha Cayton at Synergy Efficiency Experts has been a wonderful experience. As a part-time manager of a free medical clinic, staffed with volunteers, I was feeling overwhelmed with the tasks I needed to accomplish each week in a limited amount of time. Marsha’s past experience as a Nurse Practitioner and manager, as well as her organizational skills and expertise in Lean methodologies made me feel she really understood my situation and gave me confidence to make changes to make my work day and the clinic run more efficiently. Under her tutelage, I have learned how to use Outlook more effectively. Handling emails one time; moving emails to folders; using the Calendar to schedule tasks, meetings and deadlines; using 1:1 meetings to organize my thoughts for interactions with other staff and volunteers, have been very effective tools for me. Marsha helped de-clutter and organize the clinic by removing supplies and equipment that were not being used, grouping like items together, and labeling storage and work spaces. Creating “check-lists” for needed supplies and a variety of clinic processes has also been very helpful. Editing the Clinic Volunteer Manual to ensure it contained concise and clear information is proving to be invaluable in making sure each volunteer understands clinic policies, job descriptions and what is expected of them. Marsha encouraged me to take time each Friday to clean off my desk, evaluate my work, and plan and set goals for next week. This process has enabled me to “leave it at work” and enjoy my weekend.

~Kay Newsome, RN, BSN
Clinic Manger
Free Clinic of Our Towns/Ada Jenkins Center
November 2013

I cannot thank you enough for the job you did for me. The professionalism, quick turn around and finished product has made me a very happy customer! I am very impressed with how you were able to consult with me about my needs and bring my vision to fruition. I’m quite confident that I did not articulate it so well. You however articulated very well what you would be able to do.I felt respected and that my concerns were important from start to finish. I enjoyed how you kept me updated on your progress. From the very first update I immediately felt a sense of relief and envisioned the clutter disappearing!  As a working mother of two, the convenience and efficiency of your service is invaluable. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone looking for assistance with organization.

~ S. A.  Charlotte,  NC.  May, 2013